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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Poll Results

It seems that most anything can be plotted along the proverbial "bell-curve." You know, like..."one-third love the blog (my mother and husband), one-third are annoyed by the blog (I know you're out there), and one-third enjoy reading the blog when they can (thanks, by the way)."

But for some reason, the results from the poll on the site that just ended entitled "How often do you cook?" don't really show a bell-curve. I suppose I can chalk that up to the fact that most of us struggle with the desire to cook but making it happen doesn't always work as often as we'd like.

Still, the majority of us cook at home three-five times each week - 50% of those responded checked this category. Yeah! As a lover of good home cooking, that makes me happy. Twenty-one percent of us cook at home 4-7 times each week...take a bow all of you chefs!

More good news: 91% of respondents knew the importance of having baking ingredients at room temperature before using.

So help me figure out the best way to support your efforts...take my new poll to the left and let me know what foods/recipes you want to see more of on the site.

Keep cooking, keep trying, and keep eating!

Question: How Often Do you Cook At Home
I try not to cook 7%
Too Many (1-3x/week) 14%
Enough (2-4x/week) 7%
Somewhat Often (3-5x/week) 50%
Very Often (4-7x/week) 21%

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