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Monday, January 12, 2009

Sweet and Mashed: Recipe

Sweet potatoes...they are super delicious when mashed. These were rich and creamy and soft. My daughter had two helpings before I even had a chance to sit down and eat my first spoonful. Easy as pie - and worth every minute.

Simple Mashed Sweet Potatoes
2 lbs. sweet potatoes, peeled and cut into large pieces
2 Tbsp. butter
1/4 - 1/3 cup heavy cream

In a large pot, bring enough water to a boil to accommodate the potatoes. Drop in the potatoes at the boiling point and allow them to boil about 25 minutes or until they are very soft when pierced with a fork. Drain and return them to the pot. With a potato masher, mash them well. Add in the butter and cream, mashing well after each addition.

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