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Thursday, August 27, 2009

When a Working Mom Stays Home: Musings on Food and Family

pizza with garlic-soaked fresh tomatoes, fresh basil, fresh sliced mushrooms, air-cured bresoala, sliced artichokes, and kalamata olive halves

Ahh, the debate: should moms work or stay-at-home. I'm not a child psychologist so I have no idea what is better for children and I haven't a clue what the research bears out but I do know that as a working mom I leave each day with a very heavy heart and return with butterflies of excitement just as often. Can there be a right answer? Certainly I think there is a right answer for each person and her family but an overall one-is-better-than-the-other right answer? Not so sure.

Why do I bring this up on my food blog? Well, it's simple. On days I stay home from work, I find myself overcompensating for the fact that we can't do "fun" things all throughout the week. So I try to deliver tons of thrills all at once. By the looks I get, I think it works. When they're old enough to figure out what I'm doing, either they will ignore my wild attempts or I won't be working anymore!

In anticipation of being home today, I promised we would make our own pizza and tonight we kept our promise. I rolled out three pizza pies - one for each child and one for my husband and I to share. I cut up toppings of all sorts and let the kids make their own. They loved making them more than they loved eating them! But it was great fun and now we're all stuffed.

The pizza dough was from Trader Joe's (remember, I am a working parent so I know the value of time management and making dough from scratch for this purpose would have wasted our day together). It was great fun and if you have kids, I encourage this whether or not you work.

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