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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Choo-Choo Cupcakes: Musings

Like most of you, today marked the first day of school for my oldest.  My son, two years younger, already started his school last week. He is first up on the schedule for the "Bookworm Librarian," a very clever way of getting kids to enjoy books and to learn how to "report" on them.  Tomorrow, my son will bring in his favorite Thomas the Train book and his teacher will read it to the class. When they're finished, they will each draw a picture about the book and tell the teacher what they liked about the story - she will write it down on their own paper.  The stack of reports will go home with my son and we'll read them with him tomorrow night. It's a great project and we enjoyed it with our daughter - in fact, we still have each one from the 10 months she did it.

As was custom with my daughter, I decided to make a sharing snack to coincide with the book. I did it for her, so I assumed it was only right to make that much of an effort for him! We don't want to create any complexes for later in life!

So here are cupcakes with train cupcake wrappers. They're very cute and they take the cupcake up another notch!

Choooo Chooooo....

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