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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Just Bakin' Around: Food Musings

Here's a quick post of my homemade Snow Globe cookies made with royal frosting and edible glitter.  The second photos is that of a traditional Bouche de Noel - complete with sugar critters and marzipan mushrooms dipped in cocoa! The frosting is chocolate buttercream and the inside is a soft vanilla buttercake filled with mocha flavored whipped cream. Ahhh, I see visions of my childhood with mother made this cake every year from the time I was 6 until I was 12 years old and my oh my did I love it!

Finally, I baked up an old fashioned Pound Cake the other night - I had some left over strawberries and whipped cream that needed a proper home so I thought this would be fun to make.  The kids are always so good - they ask "what is that yummy smell?" as they run around the house - stopping just long enough to give me a big kiss and beg for some batter or cake!  Pound Cake is wonderful - simple, moist, and sweet. Next, I'll add some vanilla bean to it and see how that changes things.

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