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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Learning to Juggle: Food Musings

As my three month maternity leave comes to an end, I want to tip my hat off to all the stay-at-home moms (and dads!). It is not easy to juggle the lives of several children, a household and all the chores that go along with it, and such insignificant things as, well...proper eating and bathroom breaks! Really, for anyone that doesn't have children, you must understand how challenging it is to deal with things like homework, dinner, a crying baby, and of course one's own sense of self which needs attention. So again...kudos to all those who stay home regularly.

I am heading back to work soon and I know that while my life will become a blur of daily activities, I still have it just a bit easier (in my opinion, of course) as I'll be able to eat when I want, take a walk when I want, go to the bathroom when it's needed, and make a phone call without the concern that the moment the person picks up my little sleeping angel will wake with wailing so loud that I'd be forced to simply hang up.

However, going back to work will require a new commitment to order, routine, and stated expectations...and dinners that are far less messy! There just isn't enough time in the evening before bed to clean up crusty pots and pans.  So I have just a few more weeks left to wreak havoc on my kitchen...and I've been having fun doing it!

Here's what I've been up to lately -

Honey-Dijon Roasted Salmon with Corn and Pepper Salsa

Herb Roast Beef with Rosemary-Beet Barley

Lamb Stew with White Beans, Cranberries and Sweet Potato

Chili Rubbed Steaks with Pineapple-Peach Slushi

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