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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Incredible Edible Egg: Food Musings

Looking at this blog of mine, it's really hard to believe that more seven months have passed since I've posted something and even harder to believe that what I'm about to post is far from fabulous. So how do I explain months of inactivity?  One word: child. Isn't it amazing when you have the hang of something and a monkey wrench is thrown into the mix?  Well our littlest monkey is quite a handful, she is.  And add her to the mix of the two that came before and I'm a nutty mom with too many extra-curricular activities and overall lunacy in the house.  Don't get me wrong - in the past seven months, I've made dinner nearly every night, I cooked Christmas Eve for 12, a one-year old birthday party for 15 and assisted with desserts for Thanksgiving, among many other special things.  So I am still at's just that the night seems to end there - with me finishing the last of the dishes, sweeping the floor for the 8th time that day, and staring blankly at the television set.  Writing and posting has taken a real back seat to surviving the every day that is our life.

So why am I writing today? Well, for one thing, I was inspired by a recent post of a new friend on her blog - and thought; "Crap, I'd better get back to blogging before someone pulls the plug on all that I've done thus far." And for another, it occurred to me as I swooped in to pick up my oldest from a playdate, that it was nearly 6:30 p.m. and no dinner was going to be had until nearly 7:00 p.m. So what is a Mom to do?  Dress up eggs, of course!  The French do it all the time and we think it's fabulous!

I often find that when time is at a real premium, the mighty egg makes a meal just that - mighty.  Protein and taste - what could be better (well, maybe the giant pack of Twizzlers I ate today, among many other things!) than a wholesome meal of perfectly scrambled eggs and "something."  You can fill in the blank with whatever you have!  We had a lightly dressed salad with our scrambled eggs and shredded Gouda Cheese and a pinwheel chicken sausage I broiled quickly. Along with it, I baked up some 5-minute french fries, since I didn't have time to fry them.  I could have added some toast and then we would have had a perfect meal - well, actually, I poured myself a glass of wine so the meal was completely perfect. Dinner was on the table in 15 minutes and it was devoured in an even shorter time frame.

Eggs are incredible...think of all the ways we use them: souffles, quiche, scrambled, poached, fried, over-easy, in cakes, in meringue, in flourless chocolate cake, and so on.  They are a wonder to behold and they often serve as my go-to breakfast: I submerge an egg in boiling water for about 23 minutes and peel the shell immediately under cold running water.  Then I sprinkle a pinch of Kosher salt and a few grindings of pepper and I shove the slices down my throat as I race out the door!  But, hey...a healthy meal doesn't have to be long and drawn out!

Try some of these ideas when you're pressed for time - eggs are sure to please every time!

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