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Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Best Tasting Beef I 'Ever Heard': Recipe

No, seriously. This dinner was amazing - really! For those of you who know my cooking by now, you know that I am a huge fan of the marinade. I use it all the time to save my meats from my own stupidity (i.e., I'm too tired tonight to cook, let's order in...) so that I'm not wasting countless dollars by throwing away food that has past its prime.  But this?  Well, really, I've discovered a new way to make beef for those days when I'd forgotten to marinate it and want to eat it right then and there!

I've been fiddling around with new ideas for foods as I'm trying - like everyone else - to shed a few "L" "Bees" before the shorts come out. So I didn't want to add too much extra to this and have it wind up being a costly night's dinner with regard to calories and/or fat.

The flavor on this was so spot on that each bite my husband took garnered that, "mmmm" sound - I don't even think he was aware of it until the kids told him it was annoying. But the kids were doing it, too - and, to be fair, so was I. The key? Salt, garlic and the barbecue. Then add in the extras - homemade guacamole, salsa, and Chimichurri sauce - the three sauces were a "take your pick" kind of atmosphere in our house - as well as black beans and rice. At the end of the meal, everyone's plate was clean and I was a very happy mom.

This couldn't have been simpler.  If you don't have the time or inclination for homemade salsa (which I have a recipe for and I happen to think is awesome) or for DIY guacamole, then stick with the rice and beans - but I urge you to go ahead and make the Chimichurri sauce.  It was fresh, refreshing, and really simple.

Argentinian Steak with Chimichurri Sauce
1 1/4 lb. flank steak
3 tablespoons Kosher salt
1 large garlic clove, lightly smashed

1 cup cilantro
1 cup flat parsley
1/2 tablespoon capers
juice of 1 large lemon
2 tsp. olive oil
1 tablespoon water
1 small garlic clove

Preheat barbecue or broiler pan.  Sprinkle both sides of the steak with 2 tablespoons of salt and then rub the cut garlic clove all over both sides of the steak. Leave at room temp until heat source is ready.  If barbecuing, cook over direct heat for about 6-7 minutes per side. When the steak is placed on a platter, sprinkle with the remaining tablespoon of salt, or less, for taste.

Meanwhile, in a food processor, combine the remaining ingredients until a thick, but smooth, puree is made. Use more lemon, if desired.

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