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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Breakfast Fruit Smoothie: Recipe

Seems that every Sunday morning I have the intention to make french-toast for the family. I imagine a hot pot of coffee and the delicious smell of cinnamon and vanilla on crusty fried bread. And a good deal of the time that does happen. Lately, however, it seems the kids want something easy to eat while they're watching tv and my husband and I want to remain in our warm bed for just a few more minutes.

Once the kids are up and have had their cheerios or oatmeal or Eggo Waffle, I head off to the gym. When I return the only thing I can think to eat is a heart healthy breakfast. So what's a person to do? I say: hard boiled eggs, a fruit smoothie, and a few whole almonds (and the coffee, of course).

In fact, HB eggs are a great weekday breakfast, as well, for a quick bite before heading out the door. Right before I get into the shower I race downstairs, fill a little pot with water and 2 eggs - one for today and one for the next day (sure you can do more than 2 for the week, etc.) I set the timer for 20 minutes and return when it beeps. Voila - as I'm heading out I simply slice the egg and add fresh pepper and a little Kosher salt. I've eaten it faster than I can type this. Of course, put the other egg away for the next day so I don't need to bother with boiling water again. And of course, eggs are amazing sources of protein and they have little fat but most importantly they allow you to feel satiated till lunch. Try it!

Because I have more time on the weekends, I can enjoy a fruit smoothie which can be made very quickly. So, off I go now to eat my egg, drink my smoothie and sip my coffee.

Fruit Smoothie
(enough for two people)
In a blender, combine 3/4 of a ripe banana with 1 1/2 cup of Dole frozen berries (in the frozen section and a variety of them. I choose "mixed berries" for variety of color and flavor) and about 1/2 cup of water. Puree in the blender and add more water, if needed). It's healthy, quick, and delicious.

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