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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Food Shopping

I rarely go to the grocery store with a list. However, I usually have the few items I've run out of scribbled on a piece of paper (note: when I'm cooking for a big function I ALWAYS go with a list). I know, I's stupid. And sometimes even I think it's stupid. But really I have an intimate knowledge of my food supply most of the time until inevitably I come home with duplicates of the triplicates I have already! This is not an exaggeration - sometimes I have to go to the store with a list of the things I am forbidden from buying, like sugar (currently I have about 6 boxes of both confectioners and brown) or beans (I have had a moratorium on black beans, in particular, for about 8 months) or pasta (don't bother counting the boxes I'm storing).

But today wasn't so bad except that I overspent, as usual. But as I was purposefully walking through the aisles, I had a thought: perhaps I can offer a weekly menu section to help take the guess work out of the age-old question: "what's for dinner"?

So find, below, my weekly menu. I hope it's helpful.

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