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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cinnamon Spiced-Rub Pork Chops: Recipe

On days when I crave some creative outlet - I turn to the kitchen. For those of you who cook, you likely understand this. But let me explain, if you don't know what I mean.

My sister is an artist and when she makes something you can see the result: a beautiful piece of pottery with colors and shapes that are so vivid. But my normal day is filled with the same kind of things yours is - work, family needs, the internal battle between eating what's right and what's wrong and then atoning for your sins at the gym, etc. So when I've tired of that, I use the kitchen as my canvas. I use herbs, spices, and ingredients to fill my house with scents and it's family comes wandering downstairs like zombies, "mommy, what are you making?" And that makes me happy.

So I created the following one night as a way to soothe the creative soul inside. Of course, cinnamon makes anything feel warm and inviting. And cinnamon with spice makes the warmth come alive. This rub is great if left overnight - and even better if left for a day or longer.

Cinnamon Spiced-Rub Pork Chops with Vanilla and Maple Syrup

In a medium glass bowl mix 1/4 cup of "Grill Mates Cinnamon Chipoltle Rub" together with 4 tlbs. of ground cinnamon, 2 Tbls. ground cumin and 1 Tbls. of ground Turmeric. Mix well.

Place about 1 - 1 1/2 lbs. of pork loin chops (sliced on the thinner side) into a large ziploc bag. Pour the rub into the bag and seal well. Shake till it coats all over the chops. Double bag and refrigerate overnight.
Total time: 5 minutes.

Take chops out of the fridge to rest a few know, change clothes, greet family, wash hands, etc. And...preheat the broiler. Pour about 1/2 cup of maple syrup into a bowl. With a fork used to whisk, slowly pour into the bowl 2 tsp. of vanilla extract. Mix well and set aside.
Total time: 2 minutes

Place chops onto broiler pan and brush with syrup mixture on top side. Broil for 5 minutes (about 5-6 minutes per inch/per side) and flip. Brush mixture on second side and broil for another 5 minutes. Serve

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