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Friday, May 23, 2008

First Week Re-Cap

What a week! Inspired on Tuesday, up on the web on Wednesday, and still typing on Friday. I just hope that someone is still reading! I have been asked a few interesting questions over the past few days and I wanted to put to rest any myths that indicate perhaps
a) I don't sleep
b) I don't see my kids and husband
c) I am nuts

Now truthfully, I may be a bit nuts. I do work full time and I do have a fairly busy lifestyle but I'm certain it's not any busier than the next person. I know that we all have incredibly stressful days and that balancing life, family, and (good) nourishment is a tough task. So I say this: I am not perfect (not even CLOSE), I am not a Saint, I am not faint-of-heart, and I am not (really) crazy. I am, however, quite passionate, in general, and seriously in love with eating and tasting food which has become a lifestyle to which I'm committed. I love that tonight my family could all eat Japanese food together - from the Miso Soup to the Gyoza and the Sushi Rolls...we could all have our dinner at the same time - which I learned from my mother was a covenant one should rarely break.

I've adopted ways to ensure that my family is close by when I'm in the kitchen creating something. I have all the crayons and coloring books in the kitchen, I have given my kids tons of pots and pans and wooden spoons to bang and haul around, and I repeatedly request their help with any project I can think of. I tell them over and over about what foods I'm using and if it has multiple types, I teach them about that, too. I love to tell them that all carrots are not orange! And I love to pull out an onion or a potato and see if they know the difference. Sometimes we play a game together where they smell all the spices in the cabinet - and you know what? They have no idea what the names are (except, perhaps, for vanilla and cinnamon!), but they do love this and it's something we can do together.

I can promise that some days I dread coming home at 6PM knowing that I've created the expectation that I must put a wholesome meal on the table in about a half-hour. But, I do it and most of the time I think it's kind of fun. On days when I've got nothing evident in the fridge I see creating a meal as a I'm on "Iron Chef"

So in all of this I say - be imperfect! Be cranky! Be busy! But be adventurous and be creative and be excited to try something new. But remember, even I know when it's best to cook smart and what shortcuts to use. I use Perdu Chicken Cutlets that now come individually wrapped and packaged perfectly sliced and I am an AVID fan of marinading - sometimes for 2-3 days, even. And I am a huge fan of slow-cooked meals on the weekends with plenty for left-overs.

There's no such thing as "time management." Guess what!? It's all happening at the same you just have to juggle a bit. But that old saying sticks with me...don't just eat to live but LIVE to EAT!


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