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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Quick Thoughts

One comment I've heard recently from busy people is that they never seem to have ingredients in the house for adventurous meals. I know how expensive it is to shop weekly for food but I've added a list of must have ingredients and strongly suggest you slowly begin to "Stock the Shelves." If you buy a few of the dry items each time you visit the market, soon you will have a wide array of ingredients and will never again curse a recipe! The items that can sit in your fridge like soy sauce or mustard are good investments because they rarely go bad quickly. Truly perishables like parsley, and lemons, are just that. So don't do what I do...remember what's in the house and use it up quickly.

Fresh meats...I try really hard not to bring meat home and put it in the freezer. I do think through the week and ask myself if I'll be home to cook (and if not then I wouldn't have purchased too much at the store). But try to purchase 2-3 meats each week like chicken cutlets, pork cutlets and ground beef or a skirt steak. Then you can mix your weekly dinner menus with fresh meat you keep in the fridge with pasta or eggs, etc.

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Big Moma said...

Love the energy of the blog. Great practical info and I can't wait to try the pasta recipe.