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Friday, May 30, 2008

Sex and the City

Today marks the long-awaiting return of the four NYC fashionistas. All those years of watching the show made me realize just how romantic it is to be in New York City. Surely the movie will not dissappoint.

With swarms of women, clad in everything from patterned dresses and black and white gingham pumps to jeans with "Sex and the City" glitter T-shirts, the choices for dinner near the theater would all be packed.

Sure enough, the one place we picked - an upscale eatery called "City Cellar" was jammed, as was the theater, with hundreds of women. Despite the most unusual 40 minute wait time, the food and atmosphere was energized and exciting.

The first time I ate at City Cellar was about 18 months ago in West Palm Beach, Fl. and this one in Westbury is just as swank. It's rich, dark colors make it warm and inviting and the enormous bar with a beautiful showcase of bottled wines encased in glass behind it makes it feel modern and sexy. The food is tasty, interesting and creative. There is something for everyone though it seems their seafood items call my name each time I'm there.

Here's the website for City Cellar restaurants (there's one in Westbury, Coral Gables, Fl., and West Palm Beach).

It was a perfect place for good company, interesting conversation, tasty food, and innovative cocktails!

Thanks again, Carrie Bradshaw!

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