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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Cart Envy

I can't explain it, really, but when I go to Costco and stand at the check-out line, I develop what I've dubbed, "Cart Envy."

It seems that someone else has managed to find something much better, more exciting, while shopping than I have. And I can't help but wonder, "where did they see that??" or "Damn, I missed that?"

Costco does have great things - Poland Spring water flats for an unbeatable price (35 liter bottles for $5. and change), Bounty Paper Towels (the good ones - not this new "Basics" line they're pushing...'basically' they stink!) - 15 for about $1 each or something like it. And who could pass by the Kirkland Baby Wipes (704 for nearly nothing!) or the Huggies Pull-ups box of 88?

And while these things are great, I have also discovered the most amazing Australian Lamb Chops - a whole rack of 8 for about $15/lb. And they are incredible! The rib-eye steaks are unreal! They don't require anything but a heap of salt and a quick brush with the BBQ Sauce on the grill. And the fruits and vegetables are so beautiful that it's hard not putting one of everything into the cart.

And isn't it wild that you can roam the aisle and munch the whole way? I saw people eating "Crinkle Potato Chips" in a paper cup, cream puffs from the frozen aisle, andouille sausage by the deli, and some strange looking fruit colored drink - all in the same trip!

But no matter how many times I think I've filled my cart with great finds and tasty delights...I see someone else with a more desirable cart and I am envious.

Just makes me want to go back again to seek out something new!

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Anonymous said...

Have you tried the Tiramasu from Costco? It comes from Italy, I believe...but it's tasty