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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hard Boiled or Scrambled?

How fast can you cook an egg and still leave the house on time in the morning? A hard boiled egg should take about 20 minutes to cook. But you really can't eat that right away. You first have to peel it and then it's piping hot. Hard boiled eggs are good warm but when they're really hot...maybe not.

So if you're in a hurry but still want a filling meal, I would suggest a scrambled egg. With a bit of "Pam Spray" with Olive Oil, and a very fast flick of the wrist, you can have your pan heating and your egg cracked in literally: 25 seconds.

While eggs should not be cooked at high heat, I feel okay in telling you that for the sake of your morning rush, it's OK to turn up the heat really high and cook that egg in a flash! In fact, cooking eggs on gentle heat for a bit longer can prevent the yolks from becoming tough, the whites from becoming rubbery and allows for even heat while the yolk thickens. Conventional wisdom does call for high heat when cooking omelettes, however.

When you do make your hard boiled egg, be sure to add cold eggs into cold or lukewarm water to prevent the egg from cracking (if you put a cold egg into boiling water, the air space inside the egg will expand too quickly and will likely crack).

Any way you want them, eggs are a great source of protein and does not have nearly the amount of cholesterol than previously thought. The American Heart Association allows 4 whole eggs per week.

...And no, brown eggs are not more nutritious than white ones! They just come from a different breed of hen.

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