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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Moules and Frites with Friends

If you haven't been to Waterzooi, in Garden City, New York, I strongly suggest you take a trip. it is the only Belgian Bistro on Long Island. The food is great - it's creative and delicious and the mussels (moules) and the french fries (frites) with mayo are beyond terrific.

The lobster bisque is rich and creamy and the sweet potato gnocchi with andouille sausage, cream, and peas is awesome. But oh the Moules wonderful and the pot seems to be endless - and what better way to eat than to never see the bottom of the bowl? I ate mine Provencal style...mussels steamed with tomatoes, white wine, and herbs. Perfect!

Of course, there are what seems to be more than 100 beers listed on the menu and a stunning array of cocktails to choose from.

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