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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Alta Cucina - an Epicurean Society


While my name is surely Italian, I am not. However, in my heart I feel I must have been an Italian woman (maybe a baroness?)from the hills of Tuscany in a former life. I digress: my very close friend has created a fantastic world of Italian food and drink for our pleasure.

Taken from the website (please be sure to check it out - it's wonderful!):

Alta Cucina is a highly focused Epicurean Society founded to explore, share and celebrate premium-quality Italian food and wine products.
Headquartered in Manhattan, Alta Cucina was born of the enthusiasm of a group of Italian cuisine connoisseurs who value the company of others “at table” as a way of sharing the experiences of life.

Why Italian food
Since all the founders of the Company are Italians, we truly understand and appreciate the food and wine of Italy. More importantly we believe in the unique joy Italians take not only in a wonderful meal but in the great pleasure of sitting around a table with great friends and stimulating conversation.

Our Objectives:
Alta Cucina Inc. seeks a select group of epicureans, people who recognize that the enjoyment of fine food is an art form in which every ingredient plays an important role and must be carefully chosen. The Company’s primary goal is to provide its members with the ideal opportunity to maximize this precious food experience.
Each of the products selected for Alta Cucina members to experience is of certified excellence, tied closely to local Italian craft traditions, and removed from virtually all forms of mass production.

Product and recipe selections are always made with deference to natural seasonal rhythms, because to know the essence of Italian cuisine in its purest form also means to understand that each dish or ingredient is the product of precise climactic and territorial conditions. Therefore, there are foods whose true flavor can only be enjoyed a few times during the year.

Grazie, Paolo!

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