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Thursday, August 21, 2008


I am not one to drink soda or other sport drinks. I think this past year alone I've had maybe 8 oz of the carbonated drink. I just don't really care for it. Instead I drink coffee in the morning and then water throughout the day followed by wine and/or beer as appropriate, (in moderation, of course).

Recently I was out on the golf course at an outing and there was a booth set up with hip and attractive (and scantly clad) young women pushing FUZE Energy Drinks. I've seen these in the delis but I've never been interested enough to try one. I figure they're full of sugar and therefore calories and who needs that? I'd must prefer to spend those calories on food, of course!

But when I snidely asked, "huh, how many calories are in these things...?" the woman informed me that there were Diet White Tea drinks I could sample with absolutely no calories. Intrigued, I picked up the Pomegranate flavored White Tea bottle and looked at the nutritional guide which, sure enough, indicated no calories, no fat, no sugar, no nothing but a ton of vitamins. Remaining skeptical I imagined it would taste terrible - either it would be too sweet with artificial sweeteners or have no taste at all. I WAS WRONG (hear that all?? I said I was wrong - it may be the last time you see that in print!).

Seriously - I was conFUZEd! This was awesome. I drank it so quickly and I've had one of these diet white teas (in various flavors) ever since! I discovered you can buy them in Costco for a very good price - I purchased 15 for $13. Not bad considering they cost nearly $3 for one bottle in a Deli.

The diet white teas and the version called (I know it's a silly name...) "Slenderize" have no or few calories, respectively, and as I've said they're filled with antioxidants, the B-Complex Vitamins, and tons of Folic Acid - all accomplished with no artificial flavors or colors. I'm telling you that I've been reading the label for weeks trying to find the fake out. And I'm waiting for that feeling of massive disappointment followed by horror that "Elaine" experienced in Seinfeld - where she realizes that the "non-fat" yogurt she's been eating in excess really has loads of calories!

Till then, I'll remain conFUZEd as to how they can deliver a healthy and delicious drink with nothing bad for you!

Fuze founder has a great story to tell. Check it out online.

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