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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ode to a Lost Magazine

Can I really be the only person who has noticed this? Better yet, can I really be the only person who is annoyed and frustrated by the change? I can't.

I haven't asked my older sister or my mother who both read it...but I know if I did they would agree. My mother and I once lamented that Saran Wrap had changed its God-awful packaging for something even worse (do you recall? It was this crazy slider-thing that zipped across from left to right "virtually slicing" the wrap and then sliding back from right to left on your next piece...only it didn't always slice and you'd be stuck trying to yank it off. I suppose the makers of the Saran Wrap did it to avoid a law suit caused by their razor-like apparatus that cut the plastic. Oh we cursed and cursed some more and I suppose someone heard because I've not seen that ridiculous blue slicer in nearly a year).

Anyway, I'm off track. Bon Appetit mag has become much more "upscale" and I hate it. The photos have become so artsy that you can rarely even see the food as it's supposed to look like on the plate. Sometimes (many times) there are illustrations of the food, instead of photos. Uhm...hello Barbara Fairchild? Is there a reason you can't find a photo of CORN??? Sheesh. Then there is the layout of the magazine - I suppose to match up with Haute Cuisine the font has changed, there seem to be fewer recipes, and the format looks (oh what's the word???) different! I want to scream every time I receive one in the mail whereas I used to tear open the plastic wrap and devour the periodical cover to cover. Now there are three months worth on the side of my bed. It's my own personal boycott, I suppose.

Don't get me wrong - I love this magazine. In fact, I have every single issue from 1997 through today. Clearly I use them for inspiration or to simply follow many recipes. I know that the magazine has changed its look in years past but this time it seems much more snooty and it's frustrating to me. I thought I might stop my subscription and instead I ordered Gourmet (I do love Ruth Reichel but that's about it with regard to that magazine) but alas, a telemarketer called and offered me 2 years worth of BA at some obscenely cheap price and I took it. How could I not?

I've had other magazines - Saveur, Food and Wine, and several others but really, nothing compares with Bon Appetit. It is the industry standard as far as food magazines is concerned (that is my opinion, thanks).

Ms. Fairchild...if you're reading, please cycle back to the old BA. I miss it so.

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