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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Old School!

Ahhh, the end of summer. It brings the fall, start of a new school year, school-clothes shopping, new shoes, new gear, new school supplies, new friends, new teachers...etc. So why are lunch ideas for kids sooo old??

Clearly everyone has access to a cooler-style lunchbox and a frozen ice pack, right? So...let's talk school lunch.

We pack lunch for our kids so we can ensure they're eating properly, that we're saving money, because our schools and day-care centers don't provide lunch or if they do we parents don't care for the choices or a combination of all of the above; right?

Lunch has to be interesting and varied for the student (though my husband tells me he actually ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for one entire year for lunch - yes, an entire year for lunch) and for kids in elementry school and older lunches can't really be heated, right? The young ones in day-care have the heating option.

Here are some ideas to explore further...interested in recipes? Let me know.

* Egg Salad with toast (don't assemble the sandwhich. pack them seperately)
* Chicken Salad with toast (same as above)
* Pasta Salad
* Turkey and Cheese Wraps
* Cream Cheese and Raspberry Jam Sandwiches
* Shrimp Cocktail
* Cobb Salad Deconstructed
* Quiche
* Ham and Cheese Rolls

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