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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Feast of Seven Fish: Menu

This Jewish girl thinks Christmas Eve is magical. When I was young we spent every Christmas Eve with family-friends. For years we went to our friends' who lived down the block. They are Italian and always made a feast of fish - from Linguine and Clam Sauce and Sauteed Flounder in lemon and butter to Scungilli Fra Diavolo. It was wonderful to walk in and smell all that and see festive lights, a gorgeous tree and tons of people. There were gifts for me and my sisters and there was Egg Nog (and non-alcoholic Egg Nog for us!) and my mother always made the same three desserts - an amazing Bouche de Noel, Tri-Color Italian cookies, and delicate fried-battered "Rosettes" dusted with powdered sugar.

Later when we were older, we went to another family-friend's house for the Eve and had lasagna, colossal shrimp cocktail and tons of was another gorgeous night with loads of people and mounds of food.

I knew Christmas Eve was not my holiday but being part of these people's lives for the night always made me think it was a magical and romantic night.

I hope my own children will begin to see the night as I do and will revel in the friends and family who join us. For now, I know that my husband and I are building memories for them and enjoying the night ourselves, along the way.

Here is what I plan to serve this Christmas Eve. The recipes will appear in later posts.

Christmas Eve 2008 - A Feast of Seven Fish

* Prosecco
* Raspberry Stoli with Cranberry and 7Up
* Bailey's on the Rocks
* Dewars on the Rocks
* Gin and Tonic
* Wine

Hors D'Oeuvres
* Shrimp Cocktail
* Platter of Italian Meats, Cheeses, Marinated Mushrooms, Artichokes and Olives
* White Bean Puree with Truffle Oil on Mini Toasts (
* Mini Potato Latkes
* Asiago and Grape Skewers (
* Broiled Scallops wrapped in Proscuitto (

First Course
* Mozzarella di Bufala with Tomato Slices and Spicy Peppers (
* Fried Calamari with Marinara Sauce (
* Baked Clams
* Crusty Bread

Second Course
* Lemon Crab Salad with Avacado and Grapefruit served over Greens (

Third Course
* Steamed Mussels Provencal
* Crusty Bread

Pasta Course
* Penne a la Vodka (
* Crusty Bread

Main Course
* Baked Shrimp with Tomatoes, Feta, and Ouzo
* Baked Salmon with Tarragon and Fennel Butter (
* Herb-buttered Orzo

Cheese and Fruit Course

* Snowball Coconut Cake (
* Peppermint Bark (
* Cannoli Cake
* Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
* Vanilla Ice Cream
* Warm Mixed Berry Crisp

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